• Here’s a video demonstrating a new set of 9 songs that tell a story in a more melodic rock-and-roll style. I will be integrating this with my more aggressive style on my upcoming June- July European tour!

  • Here is a teaser video with samples from Awash and a peek at my prospective 2017 EU tour dates.

    Contact me via e-mail for booking inquiries. You can find my 2017 tour route here. The dates are entirely flexible until the tour starts to fill up.

  • live in Zagreb at Mochvara, photos by Jahvo Joza

    Live in Latina, IT at Circolo Hemingway, photos by Gianluca Decinti

    Gig flyer art from various European acoustic grindcore violin shows

  • I have been putting ad hoc free improv groups together in various cities with rotating personnel, but I’m happy to have formalized my trio with Emily Cook (bass clarinet) and Cara Garofalo (violin) called Pariah Dog.
    We are playing on September 1 at Gooski’s and will have more shows coming up soon!

  • These aren’t really new, but I haven’t seen them until recently:


    March, 2014: acoustic rendition of Infinite Midnight Suite at Crystal Palace “no-electronics” noise show:

    August 16, 2014: excerpts from The Inalienable Dreamless- St. Louis at the Livery (after sixteen hours on the street in Fergusson, MO and a sleepless drive from KCMO)

    Little Hedgehog electric in Marseilles:

    Infinite Midnight in Dallas:

  • Acoustic in Dallas at Black Lodge, March 20 2015:

    Very loud in Nashville “Future Night” March 27, 2015:

  • Music originally written for no-wave chamber-grind quartet Say At Last performed live at Howler’s in Pittsburgh using midi-controlled JUNO-106 and Roland MT-32 video game console. Thanks to Jeffrey Katrencik for the video!

  • Groundzero in RPI Troy, NY 2/19/13
    Filmed by Christopher Brown