Back in USA

fountain shot

Tour wrapped up even better than I even expected (I expected quite a bit) and I am now back in the USA with a notebook full of new songs, which will be my main priority aside from a couple regional tours and local shows.  I performed 60 shows in 10 weeks in 13 countries, mostly booked far in advance.  If you have any photos/ videos to share please e-mail them to joeymolinaro (at) gmail (dot) com, or contact me via facebook.

I plan to be back in September 2016 for a much longer tour through 2017, including the towns I visited and more.  I also hope to have some of my music released on vinyl via a EU label.  If you are interested in booking me or directing me to booking/ record label contacts then you can contact me via e-mail.

And of course if you are coming stateside, I would be happy to share contacts and other ideas!