1980 Special Twin

1980 Special Twin is a new electronic-based performance from Joey Molinaro. With a basis of original experimental industrial dance music, the project has grown to include industrial techno crafted entirely from motorcycle samples and techno reworkings of experimental electronic grind/ post-punk compositions. 1980 Special Twin uses live violin improvisation, vocals and scrappy dance moves.



Performance Art Media

Some selections, media, and reviews from different performance art presentations:

Infinite Midnight Suite:


Alien Wedding Ceremony (collaboration):


Performance at Les Rondez-Fous, St. Mathurin, France:


Fuga Fugue State Statue (collaboration):

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Olive, composed by Joey Molinaro, performed by Joey Molinaro and others:

Quartet for Unspecefied Instruments, performedfinal performance as artist-in-residence at Panoply Lab

Banner Piece for Impromptu Marching Band (on Soundcloud)

Pecha Kucha Indianapolis,

Documentation of Occupy Lincoln Center, featuring Philip Glass, Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson (co-organizer)

Say At Last Video from Naked Roots Conducive

Say At Last – Who Art Thou?


format: 5″ CD in handmade packaging
release date: May 26, 2014
edition size:
label: Inverted Music Company

Joey Molinaro’s first release written and recorded specifically for digital media. Pro mastered and replicated.


The Music of Say At Last with Vintage Sequenced Electronics

Music originally written for no-wave chamber-grind quartet Say At Last performed live at Howler’s in Pittsburgh using midi-controlled JUNO-106 and Roland MT-32 video game console. Thanks to Jeffrey Katrencik for the video!