Europe 2023

Friday, April 7 Berlin @ Villa K 

Saturday, April 8 Rochlitz @ Burgi

Sunday, April 9, Leipzig @ TBA

Thursday, April 13 Bilbao @ Espora Espazioa

Friday, April 14, San Sebastien at Mogambo

Saturday, April 15 Zaragosa @ Arrebato

Sunday, April 16 Barcelona @ Kasal de Roquettes

Tuesday, April 18 Toulouse @ Mecanique des fluides

Wednesday, April 19 Besseges @ Studio B

Friday, April 21 Marseille @ Autogere AZ

Saturday, April 22 Sete @ TBA

Thursday, April 27 Lyon @ Bar de Capucins

Friday, April 28 Saint Jean d’Hérans @ Les Rives

Saturday, April 29 Crest @ Chez Anne

Sunday, April 30 Grenoble @ BAF

Wednesday, May 3 Bordeaux?

Thursday, May 4 Nantes @ Le Printemps

Friday, May 5 Soudan @ Rouillardiere

Saturday, May 6 Rennes?

Wednesday, May 10 Paris @ En Vieux-tu? En V’La.

Friday, May 12 Amiens @ Froid Nuke

Saturday, May 13 London @ New Cross Inn

Sunday, May 14 Bristol?

Friday, May 19 Wexford @ Red Books

Saturday, May 20 Dublin @ TBA

Sunday May 21 NYC?

Full Set Live Video from St. Vitus, NYC

Winter 2023

Friday, Jan. 6 – Cleveland at Happy Dog

Sunday, Jan 15 – Philadelphia at The Fire

Monday, Jan 16 – Saratoga at Desperate Annie’s

Tuesday, Jan 17 – Dover at Wrong Brain

Wednesday, Jan 18 – Providence at Dusk

Friday, Jan 20 Montreal at Traxide

Saturday, Jan 21 Montreal at Casa Del Popolo

Sunday, Jan 22 Buffalo at Timeless Babez

Friday, February 10 – Brooklyn at The Tubs

Saturday, February 11 – Brooklyn at Saint Vitus (sold out)

Joey Molinaro to open for Gridlink at St. Vitus

September Midwest Tour

Wednesday, September 14 Detroit at Soundhouse

Thursday, September 15 Chicago at Not Not Fun

Friday, September 16 Milwaukee at Surrealist Sands

Sunday, September 18 Bloomington at RCA Park

Monday, September 19 Columbus at Babaluma

Friday, September 23 Akron at CAVE

New Fiction Book, Heart of Gold

At live shows I will be vending manuscripts of my original fiction novel, Heart of Gold.

The book is set in 1980, and follows aging rock and rollers as they weigh their languishing crafts against a lifetime of dingy rentals, jobs at pizza joints, and band practice in their parents’ basements. In the course of the book, we see joys and struggles that only a contemporary touring musician can appreciate. But the characters in the story are the likes of Jerry Garcia, Neil Young, Ozzy Osborne, Joni Mitchell, David Bowie, and others whose songs and art we now revere! Will the struggle cause them to give up, or will they find worthiness in it?

Inquiries from literary agents an publishers welcome.

Northeast Harley Tour

August 4 – Troy, NY at No Fun via Superdark with Citrus Maximus and Small Ghosts

August 5 – Belchertown, MA at Cold Spring Hollow

August 7 – Brooklyn at secret location with Avatar Lilith, Boothe, Many Many Girls

2019 Tour Video

Live videos, motorcycle travel, opening bands from an upcoming comprehensive video of Summer 2019 tour.

Interview with Decibel Magazine

“[Tale of the Lovelorn Outlaw] mixes a variety of genres yet maintains the mood, air and frenzy of murder ballad grindcore. Sure, there’s no distortion and even less guitar, but it struck a fierce chord with us and demonstrates the boundary-less states metal can be stretched into if given a chance and an open mind…” Read the interview with Kevin Stewart-Panko here:

2019 Summer European Tour Dates

2019 Summer European Motorcycle Tour:
Saturday, June 1 Pittsburgh at Rock Room
Monday, June 3 Pittsburgh at Collision as Final Eclipse (piano set)
Sunday, June 9 Brooklyn at Flowers for All Occasions
Sat. June 15 Leipzig for Claws of Saurtopia festival
Sun June 16 Poznan at Amore del Tropico
Mon June 17 Poznan at Dragon
Mon June 17 Poznan at park (late, trad)
Tues June 17 at Pan Gar (improv)
Wed June 19 Dublin at Fibbers
Fri June 21 Carlisle at Vinyl Cafe
Sat June 22 New Castle at TOPH
Sun June 23 Stockton at Auxiliary Warehouse
Tues June 25 Sheffield at Hatch
Wed June 26 London at Windmill
Fri June 28 Derby at The Hairy Dog (early)
Sat June 29 at Punk 4 the Homeless festival (early)
Sat June 29 London at Tower for STEEP
Sun June 30 Bristol at Old England
Wed July 3 Santander at Rock beer the New
Thurs July 4 Bilbao at Bar Chic
Fri July 5 San Sebastien at Mugambo
Sat July 6 Lleida at Llimac Electric
Tues July 9 Valencia at Fabrica de Hielo
Wed July 10 Barcelona at Bike Sqiat
Fri July 12 Girona for Agro-Crust Festival
Sat July 13 Concots for En Grosse Entube Festival
Sun July 14 La Villa Monaco
Mon July 15 Cuve Winery
Wed July 17 Montpellier at house show
Fri July 19 Marseille at La Couvent
Sat July 20 Drôme at Chez Anne
Sun July 21 Grenoble at Gortex Agenda TBA
Wed July 24 Amsterdam at Butcher’s Tears
Fri July 26 Bordesholm at Off the Radar festival
Sat July 27 Hamburg at MS Stubnitz for Bruital Furore festival
Tues July 30 Lyon st Vol’Terre
Wed July 31 Veneray Les Laumes at Quincaillerie Festival
Thurs Aug 1 Paris at Zorba
Sat Aug 3 Dublin at Anarcho Folk Fest
Mon Aug 5 Leap at Connelley’s
Thurs Aug 8 Brooklyn at Bohemian Grove
Monday, Aug 12 Pittsburgh at Rock Room

Photo by Marielle Marchand

US 2019 tour dates

photo by Eric Rhodes

Tuesday, March 12- Pittsburgh at 3577 Studios †

Wednesday, March 13- Pittsburgh at Babyland*

Thursday, March 14- Columbus at Cafe Bourboun Street*

Saturday, March 16- Cincinnati at The Mockbee*

Sunday, March 17- Detroit at Trumbullplex

Monday, March 18 unnamed city at The Arcade

Wednesday, March 20- unnamed city at (UPPER)

Thursday, March 21- unnamed city at Etre

Saturday, March 23 Burlington at Community of Sound

Sunday, March 24 Portland at The Aphodion

Monday, March 25 North Adams at Parlor Cafe

Tuesday, March 26 Lowell at Uncharted

Wednesday, March 27 Boston at Hong Kong Restaurant

Thursday, March 28 NYC at Secret Project Robot*

Saturday, March 30 NYC apartment gig at Skinny Apartment

*performing industrial grind techno as 1980 Special Twin

†performing an original large-ensemble immersive game-piece

Fall/ Spring updates

Upcoming gigs for Joey Molinaro (solo violin songs) and 1980 Special Twin (experimental industrial techno)
September 16- Pittsburgh at Glitter Box Theater
October 27- The Glove NYC (as XS650 Special Twin)
October 30- Spirit Pgh
December 10- Pittsburgh at 3PV (as XS650 Special Twin)
January 8- Pittsburgh at Milenneal Shaman
January 26- Pittsburgh at Reedsdale Warehouse
March 2- Pittsburgh at Babyland
March 12- Pittsburgh at 3577 Studios
March 14-30 Canadian/ US tour
June-August European Motorcycle Tour III

1980 Special Twin

1980 Special Twin is a new electronic-based performance from Joey Molinaro. With a basis of original experimental industrial dance music, the project has grown to include industrial techno crafted entirely from motorcycle samples and techno reworkings of experimental electronic grind/ post-punk compositions. 1980 Special Twin uses live violin improvisation, vocals and scrappy dance moves.


Joey Molinaro: Live in Sweden

Introducing my upcoming CD release from Gold Bolus Recordings:


Released June 3rd, 2018

streaming here,

Joey Molinaro’s work as a fleet-footed, far-out and aggressive touring musician is integral to his work as a violinist/songwriter/composer. Joey’s visceral, full-body solo performances are a balance of violin, stomping foot percussion and vocals. This mix can be orchestrated to be either fully acoustic or heavily and simply amplified, allowing Joey to bring to life distinct versions of this music from his home base of Pittsburgh, PA to locations scattered far and wide across the world.

Having cut his teeth in the notoriously fickle crowds of the USA in nearly all DIY genres (especially black metal, grind, and experimental music), Joey developed the material on Live in Sweden to capture the audience’s attention and hold on until the end. Having previously toured Europe by train, this recording was made deep into Joey’s 2017 European motorcycle tour, comprising 100 concerts in 23 countries. At peak intensity, with sound flowing from his voice, fingers, and feet, this album captures Joey at a live performance at Element Studios in Gothenburg, Sweden, and preserves him at his most dialed in, spinning out material that spans his solo career.

recorded May 14th, 2017 in Gothenburg, Sweden

performed by Joey Molinaro – vocals, violin, foot percussion

European Tour Promo

Here is a teaser video with samples from Awash and a peek at my prospective 2017 EU tour dates.

Contact me via e-mail for booking inquiries. You can find my 2017 tour route here. The dates are entirely flexible until the tour starts to fill up.

Tour Podcast Season One

Salut, tout huit de mon episodes a propos mon dernier tournee a vingt-troi de payes pour un cent de concerts par moto est publier ici. Proxime 80 artists sans decouvre est presente avec l’histoires de mon voyage. prix libre.

2017 tour media 1

live in Zagreb at Mochvara, photos by Jahvo Joza

Live in Latina, IT at Circolo Hemingway, photos by Gianluca Decinti

Gig flyer art from various European acoustic grindcore violin shows

Homecoming USA gigs

June 7 The Wallet with Leya + TBA
June 14- at The Button with Shane Perlowen
June 18 4th river Festival
June 26
July 1- Rock Room with Wildspeaker and Vnfvurl
July 6 gooskis
July 11- Roboto with Escuela, Sarlacc and Chiller

August 21-23, NYC TBA

2017 Tour Update


I am two months in and almost halfway through tour, having performed 51 concerts in 6 countries. My new album is now available in physical form at gigs, via post, or digitally at . Contact (joeymolinaro [at] gmail [dot] com) to order a cassette online or book a gig.

2017 EU Motorcycle Tour dates


Official tour

UK, Ireland, Northern France

January 22: New York at The Glove
Tues Jan 24 London for Skronk at at New River Studios
Wed Jan 25 Bristol at Chelsea Inn
Fri Jan 27 Gateshead at Old Police Station
Sat Jan 28 Glasgow at the Flying Duck
Sun Jan 29 Glasgow at Allison Arms
Mon Jan 30 Edinburgh early at Forest Cafe
Mon Jan 30 Edinburgh late at Henrys Cellar
Wed Feb 1 Hull at Adelphi
Thurs Feb 2 Stockton On Tees at Auxiliary
Fri Feb 3 Leeds at Wharf Chambers
Sat Feb 4 Liverpool at Kazimier Garden
Sun Feb 5 Sheffield at Riley’s
Mon Feb 6 Bristol at Surrey Vaults
Tues Feb 7 London at Windmill
Thurs Feb 9 Dublin at Edge Hunters
Fri Feb 10 Dublin at Little Gem
Sat Feb 11 (day off)
Sun Feb 12 Cork at Plugd
Feb 16 Rennes at Le 48 for Final Eclipse
Fri Feb 17 Brest at Ferme de Kergeriou
Sat Feb 18 Le Mans at private barn
Sun Feb 19 Caen at Association L’etourneur
Mon Feb 20 Lille at CCL
Tues Feb 21 Brussels at Barlok
Wed Feb 22 Amiens at La Acuille Froid Nuke
Thurs 23 Paris at La Cirque Electrique
Fri 24 Paris with Final Eclipse at Au Chat Noir
Sat feb 25 Rennes at Terminus
Sun feb 26 Nantes at La petite Maison Utopique
Mon 27 Bordeaux at Club Baron
Tues feb 28 Toulouse at Distortion Rurale

Spain, Portugal, Sud France, Italy

March 1 Final Eclipse in Toulouse at Les Opticiens Coiffeurs Presbytere
Thurs March 2 Barcelona at TBA
Fri March 3 Zaragosa at AVV Arebato
Sat March 4 Benicarlo at Plug In The Gear
Sun March 5 early Valencia at La Fabrica De Hielo
Sun March 5 late Valencia at La Carbonera
Tues March 7 Malaga at El Ojopatio
Thurs March 9 Lisbon at Damas
Fri March 10 Caldas de Rainhas at Gremio Caldense
Sat March 11 Don Benito at The Rincon Pro Sound
Sun march 12 Madrid at La Tortuga
Tues march 14 Barcelona house show
Wed March 15 Peripignan at L’Anthropo
Thurs March 16 Montpellier early at Cinema Royal
March 16 Montpellier late at Squat Utopia
Fri March 17 Marseilles at Asile 404
Sat Mar 18 Grane at Les Clots
Sun Mar 19 (early) Saillons at L’oignon
Mon Mar 20 Saint Etienne at Le 17
Fri Mar 24 Nice at La Zonme
Thurs Mar 30 EARLY- Florence at Black Spring Books
Thurs Mar 30 LATE- Pistoia at Circolo ARCI la Torre
March 31 Rome at Hula Hoop Club
Sat april 1 Latina at Circolo Hemmingway
Sun April 2 Rome at Bencivenga Tattoo Circus


Eastern Europe

Sat April 8 Belgrade at MKC Kombinat
Sun April 9 Sofia at Alarma Punk Jazz
April 10 Early at Bulgarian national radio
April 10 Late at Cinema House
Wed April 12 Subotica at Studio 11
Fri April 14 Novi Sad at CE
Sat April 15 Banja Luka at Ziza
Mon April 17 Zagreb at Mochvara
Tues April 18 Zagreb busking with acrobat sisters

Alps to Berlin

Tues April 18
Wed April 19 Graz at Cuntra
Thurs April 20 Vienna at EKH for ABC fest
Fri April 21 Munich at Tam Tam
Sat April 22 Bamberg at Pizzini
Sun April 23 Pilsen at ACW Saloon
Sun April 23 late at Klub Kapsa
Mon April 24 Prague at Klinika
Wed, April 26 Leipzig at UT Connewitz
Thurs April 27 Berlin at XB for Multiversal #72
Friday April 28 Berlin at Sowieso
Saturday April 29 Berlin noon at Monbijoupark
Saturday April 29 Berlin matinee at KOPI


Fri May 5 Oslo at Deitchmanske Bibliotek
Sat May 6 Stavanger at Consul80
Sun May 7 Copenhagen at Red Basement​
Tues May 9 Rotterdam at Worm
Thurs May 11 Copenhagen at Bumzen
Sat May 13 Gothenburg for Koloni at Bengans
Sun May 14 Gothenburg at

Western DE and neighbors

Tues may 16 Amsterdam at Muiterij
Wed May 17 Amsterdam at ADM
Thurs May 18 Nilborg at de Onderbrook
Fri May 19 Brussels at Magasin 4
Sat May 20 Dordrecht at Door
Sun May 21 Hambach Forest in a squatted treehouse
Mon May 22 Nancy at TBA
Tues May 23 Strasbourg
Wed May 24 Strasbourg
Thurs May 25 Basel at Marina
Fri May 26 Biel at LaBiu
Sat May 27 Besançon at La Quincaillerie
Sun May 28 Paris at Chair Poule
Mon May 29 Paris at La Comedia Michelet
Wed may 31 New Ross at New Ross Books
Saturday June 3-4 Dublin countryside for festival