Forever Alone Star State 2015 Tour


Fri 13 Akron at TBA

Sat 14 Cincinnati at Cide Central

Sun 15 Evansville at Mother Brain

Mon 16 STL at TBA

Tues 17 KCMO

Wed 18 Tulsa at TBA

Thurs 19 OKC at TBA

Fri 20 Dallas at TBA

Sat 21 SUXBY

Sun 22 SUXBY

Mon 23 Austin? Extra Day?

Tues 24 NOLA at Open Ears

Wed 25

Thurs 26 Birmingham at MONO TBA

Fri 27 Nashville at Elberta

Sat 28 Chattanooga with Mudsex at TBA

Sun 29 Knoxville at Pilot Light TBA

Mon 30 Asheville at Odditorium TBA

Tues 31 Tri-cities/ Harrisonburg at Annex TBA


Wed 1 Richmond

Thurs 2 DC

Fri 3 Baltimore

Sat 4 NYC

Sun 5 Central PA

Heart Like a Drowning Weasel Tour II



Thursday, February 12- Central PA TBA
Friday, February 13- Vassar College
Saturday, February 14- Bohemian Grove TBA
Sunday, February 15- Providence TBA
Monday, February 16- New Jersey at Christian Science Reading Room

Joey Molinaro : New Year’s Appalachian Tour

-Monday, December 29- CINCINNATI, OH at The Comet
-Tuesday, December 30- KNOXVILLE, TN at Pilot Light
-Wednesday, December 31- CHATTANOOGA, TN at Ziggy’s
-Thursday, January 1- NEW ORLEANS, LA at Siberia
-Friday, January 2- BIRMINGHAM, AL at MONO
-Saturday, January 3- NASHVILLE, TN at Elberta House
-Sunday, January 4- ATHENS, OH at house show

JANUARY 9, PITTSBURGH at Secret Warehouse show,

e-mail for details

January 13, Vassar College

January 14, Brooklyn at TBA

January 15, at Christian Science Reading Room, NJ