European Tour Dates + Kickstarter

International Coven of Dangerous Violinistry – Volume II

I have performed my unique “solo acoustic grind violin” in over 42 states but have not yet performed outside of the USA. In touring the states, I have taken many risks and made many innovations that have brought people together and changed their perspective on what is possible with music.

Not only do I want to bring my best energy, performance, and ingenuity to Europe, I want to present some of the finest aspects of US DIY culture via a digital blog embedded in the CD I plan to finish and take on tour.  This yet-to-be-titled CD is the product created by this Kickstarter project.

In touring Europe (and Canada) I find myself unable to take as many risks, owing to the initial travel expenses and unfamiliar people and settings. Including the cost of the album, the plane tickets, and the rail pass, this will cost at least $3,400.  I’m just looking for assistance for a portion of it!