Kickstarter Coven Wrap-Up

A million “thank-you’s” to the dozens of lovely people who supported my Kickstarter effort and gave me the economic and personal confidence to book a 40 show, 11 country, 10 week tour and release a full-length album online, on CD, and (coming soon) on cassette via Auris Apothecary.

The project resulted in a 31 volume series of merchandise reviews which were exhibited at Pittsburgh’s premiere DIY spot, Mr. Roboto Project (you can view on my twitter, #icdv), a ten date tour I booked for Sister Mary, two covers of songs available on Soundcloud, and a remix of a song by The Marches.

But the biggest thanks go to the supporters:

William Hayes, Dubravka Bencic,
Jessica Lynch, Spencer Fro,
Lizzy Storm, Mercedez Gonzalez,
Caitlin Hudac, Amanda Pagniello,
Kevin Shintaku, Ben Rector,
ELCO, Stephanie Jane Rexroth,
Neal Wojdowski, Lilli Jean,
Amelia Ishmael, Scott Scholz,
Richard Conti, Kiley Brady,
Anna Rosati, Adam D. Morris,
Eric Stephenson, Charles Hoffman,
Dominic Raths, Lisa Moss,
Jessica Ellis, Melody Moore,
Laura Fisher, Bonnie Redubber,
Claire Molinaro, Zach Baransky,
Laura Luttner, Chris Donadio,
Sam Sabbagh, Matthew Martell,
Harrison Thurman, Daniel Iglesia,
Adam Petersen, Eddy Kwon,
Victor Morningstar, Anrrea Dune,