September Midwest Tour

Wednesday, September 14 Detroit at Soundhouse

Thursday, September 15 Chicago at Not Not Fun

Friday, September 16 Milwaukee at Surrealist Sands

Sunday, September 18 Bloomington at RCA Park

Monday, September 19 Columbus at Babaluma

Friday, September 23 Akron at CAVE

New Fiction Book, Heart of Gold

At live shows I will be vending manuscripts of my original fiction novel, Heart of Gold.

The book is set in 1980, and follows aging rock and rollers as they weigh their languishing crafts against a lifetime of dingy rentals, jobs at pizza joints, and band practice in their parents’ basements. In the course of the book, we see joys and struggles that only a contemporary touring musician can appreciate. But the characters in the story are the likes of Jerry Garcia, Neil Young, Ozzy Osborne, Joni Mitchell, David Bowie, and others whose songs and art we now revere! Will the struggle cause them to give up, or will they find worthiness in it?

Inquiries from literary agents an publishers welcome.

Northeast Harley Tour clip reel

Northeast Harley Tour

August 4 – Troy, NY at No Fun via Superdark with Citrus Maximus and Small Ghosts

August 5 – Belchertown, MA at Cold Spring Hollow

August 7 – Brooklyn at secret location with Avatar Lilith, Boothe, Many Many Girls

2021 gigs

Performing new material:
June 17: Denton, TX at Rubber Gloves
June 18: Austin, TX at Whispering Oaks
June 22: New Orleans, LA at Lesseps
July 17: New York, NY at Old Timers
July 24: Pittsburgh at Babyland