USA gigs

2018 USA gigs, including fully-acoustic violin sets, electric sets, and new techno sets:

September 25 at Glitterbox with Gold Dime

October 3 with Ralph White at Spaghetti Warehouse

October 25 at Howler’s with The Manx

November 10 at Owl Hollow with Yes Ma’am

March 4 at Howler’s with Livid, Hunsmen

March 23 Brooklyn at Inverted Music presents ELECTRICAL TAPE, industrial techno dance party featuring the debut of 1980 Special Twin

March 24 Brooklyn at house gig.

March 27 Philadelphia at Century Bar with Lady Shame, Carrie Ford, Forgotten Bottom.

March 31: Inverted Music presents BOUNDLESS, a multilevel dance party.

-Thursday 4/5 at Roboto with Period Bomb and Bleeders (PA) at 7:00 PM.

-Friday night 4/6  generator show under the 33d st bridge near Liberty with Grime Scene, Menstrual Parasite, and Sewer grind/ crust at 10 PM.

-Sunday night 4/8 Inverted Music presents a Psychedelic Tea Party

April 29- Dour (Scranton), Bit Rot, Joey Molinaro, CancerCausesRats at Trampire State Building (ask for Garfield address)

May 1- Immigrants Rights March ft. May Day Marching Band, starting at Salem’s Event Center at 6:00 in Strip District

May 2- Strep Torso, Janet, Spednar, Supervolcano at 1918 Murray Ave 8:00 PM Squirrel Hill

May 5- May Day March (AM), Polish Hill & Pittonkatonk (PM)

May 7- Hairface (NOLA) Pussmouf, 1980 Special Twin, Th0usandzz of Beez at Trampire State Building (ask for Garfield address)

May 12- Ralph White (ATX), Reid Magette, Valerie Kuehne at The Button at 7:00

May 14- Malevich (ATL), Unfurl, eightninethree, Joey Molinaro at Roboto at 7:30.

May 14- Blood Club, Moon Baby, Kowloon, Bruiser Beep at Trampire State Building (ask for Garfield address).

June 1- Corazon de Robota (Chile), 1980 Special Twin, Arush Works and VJ: Rew at Community Forge Wilkinsburg.

Live Video of New Songs

Here’s a video demonstrating a new set of 9 songs that tell a story in a more melodic rock-and-roll style. I will be integrating this with my more aggressive style on my upcoming June- July European tour!

European Tour Promo

Here is a teaser video with samples from Awash and a peek at my prospective 2017 EU tour dates.

Contact me via e-mail for booking inquiries. You can find my 2017 tour route here. The dates are entirely flexible until the tour starts to fill up.

Tour Podcast Season One

Salut, tout huit de mon episodes a propos mon dernier tournee a vingt-troi de payes pour un cent de concerts par moto est publier ici. Proxime 80 artists sans decouvre est presente avec l’histoires de mon voyage. prix libre.

2017 tour media 1

live in Zagreb at Mochvara, photos by Jahvo Joza

Live in Latina, IT at Circolo Hemingway, photos by Gianluca Decinti

Gig flyer art from various European acoustic grindcore violin shows